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Full-scale mass production by GMP Advanced Technology
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1. Hybrid Heater (Ruthenox Thick Film Heater)

  GMPs started mass-supplying the Hybrid Thick Film Heater by installing Hybrid Thick Film Heater (brand name-RUTHENOX), created by Printed Electronics Technology that has been applied to GMP laminators, on the domestic brand of super small-sized instantaneous water-heating purifiers

  What GMP developed currently is the Printed Electronic Technology being applied to stainless steel and the technology based heater can be used for power-saving water-heating purifier, Bidet, instantaneous water heating device, iron, coffee pot, hair-curling iron by using the advantage of quick-heating.

  The existing nichrome wire heater has the complicated insulation structure such as insulation mica sheet. For this reason, it has the problems like high heat-loss, low heat-efficiency, high cost, large space for installation, etc.


  On the other hand, GMP hybrid thick film heater is the one that insulator, conductor, heating element are printed directly onto ceramic or metal media. By this, GMP hybrid thick film heater has the excellent instantaneous heating ability and can be designed , manufactured in various shapes, and it is a cutting-edge printed electronics heating element that has a lot of merits such as the semi-permanent life span, ultra thin & light weight structure, high electric- power density etc.

  The domestic 1st-ranked water purifier company that hybrid thick film heater has been used to its products, WoongJin Coway announced that they made a good performance with a single product in a very short period. And in the situation of sharp rise in order volume from Woong Jin, GMP is planning to increase production capability so as to cover the sharply increased production volume by importing High Temperature Firing Machine urgently from BTU International company in USA and completing installation by June 30th 2012 in an effort to expand facility extensively.



source of the article : The Korea Economic Daily (2012-05-29) 



  The manufacturing process of hybrid heater is the followings ;

  Stainless Steel Plate ->Insulation Paste Print-> Silver nano Paste Print -> Ruthenium-oxide Paste Print -> Cover Glaze Print -> 800 high Temperature Firing-> Brazing Paste Print-> Terminal Connection. Through this process, it is being produced full- automatically, and there is no need for installing an additional temperature sensor because of PTC sensor is directly printed onto the surface of heater.


2. Flexible Heating Film


  As one of Printed Electronics related products, Flexible Heating Film, we have completed a mass production system which is leading to the gradual sales increase of Heating Film.

  Flexible Heating Film has high flexibility from the thin structure. Its use varies extensively in the wall and the floor, the car sheet, mirror anti-fog system, crop production, clothing insulation (Thermal Vest) etc.  

  In order to produce Flexible Heating Film, several processes have been gone through like 1) the PET Film which is superior for insulation -> 2) Carbon Paste Print -> 3) Silver nano Paste Print -> 4) GMP Laminating with the conductor and copper tape.

  GMP developed the Multi-layer Laminating Machine (PACKERLAM-800/1200) which has been used in the actual production facilities, and also sell Multi-layer Laminating Machine, the exclusive printer, laminating films etc to other manufacturing company of Heating Film.

  Recently, GMP has a plan to manufacture the integrated Flexible Heating Film production system of Gravure Printing machine and Multilayer Laminating Machine. 

3. Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Roll


  GMP received technology transfer for Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Roller from Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials which is successful on commercialization. Recently, market demand for the item is getting grown for the Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Roller.

  Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Roller has been evaluated as one of the successful case from among the technology transfer of Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials.

  In the early stages of the technology transfer, there was only a few business outcome because it has been applied to a special & limited applications. Nevertheless, GMP had continued to research developments for commercialization and GMP had equipped Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Roller the world's first on its high-speed fully automatic laminator.

  And as a result of this kind of aggressive marketing policy, GMP could demonstrate its technology and quality.

  Recently, GMP has been sold the optical film manufacturing equipment that has Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Roller, Laminator for Display Panel, and Micro Pattern Imprinting Machine etc. to Korea's leading manufacturer of optical films. And as a result of it, orders for special machines are being increased. In addition, market needs for high-temperature / heat-resistant film are also being increased, the orders for Platform of High Temp. Induction Heating Roller(200-400 C) are getting increased.


4. GMP's FDA Certified Packing Films for Food 


  GMP had acquired the Certificates of FDA21 CFR 177.1520,1350,1630 & 2420 for it's laminating films which are used for Food Packing from the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). And also GMP have had a chance to prove the safety for it's laminating films which are used for Food Packing and Infant Products acquiring the Certificates from CPSIA(The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) in USA, EN741-3 (European Toy Safety Standard) and EN1186 (European Food Safety Standard) in Europe.


  Also taking this opportunity of acquiring many safety certificates, GMP has set the strict quality management system and continued its maximum effort for keeping its world class quality.


  As to these safety related certificates for toxic materials, the control level in Korea is relatively eased but this issues have been a cause for many claim issues from overseas customers due to its strict control level in many developed countries.


  In particular, as all laminating films which are intended for Food Packing and Books for infants have to be certified for the safety purpose, the demand for these kinds of films is expected to be increased accordingly and the business area in American market and European market are expected to be expanded as well.