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GMP’s participation in 2013 DSCOOP EMEA2 (Nov.6th~8th , 2013)
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GMP took part in DSCOOP EMEA 2 (Nov.6th~8th , 2013) in Rome, Italy as a featured partner
of HP Indigo and introduced the superiority of the new product lines, PROTOPIC AUTO-540
and PROTOPIC II-540 DUAL to show GMPs added-value technologies for HP Indigo
customers also show Digital Sleeking solutions as well as Photo Embossing solutions,
and got highly positive response with interest.
As the already-verified laminators, PROTPIC AUTO-540 series keep coming into the
spotlight  by meeting the emerging requirements from the POD markets and by this,
they are steadfastly getting recognized as the best finishing solution for POD worldwide.
The most positive advancing effects for market expansion is expected consistently.
      Main HP partners invited to DSCOOP and Booth map
      Mr. YP Kim, Chairman & CEO of GMP, is explaining PROTOPIC AUTO to a board director of
      HP Indigo

      Mr. YP Kim, Chairman & CEO of GMP, is explaining Sleeking method & procedure with the
      related sample booklet
      Mr. Guy Noy (middle), GMP partner in Israel, is communicating with participants on GMP
      Mr. Norman Scheer, technical engineer of GMP subsidiary in Germany, and PROTOPIC

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