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Mr. YP Kim Awarded from the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy on Machine’s Day 2013
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[E-daily article] The event for ‘Machine’s Day 2013’ took
place amid attendance of about 300 people from government,
parliament, industry in the DCUBECITY Sheraton, Seoul
on November 13th 2013. The event, held 12th this time,
was co-hosted by 5 institutions of machine industry and
sponsored by the Department of Trade, Industry & Energy.
Although the difficult situations including a weak Japanese
yen have been going on this year, there are enterprisers
who have been making their best efforts to cope with all the
difficulties. The event was arranged for the purpose of
encouraging the enterprisers and they concentrated a firmed
will again for re-bounced leap toward 2014.
Chairman & CEO of GMP, Mr. YP Kim and 3 enterprisers of
merit contributing to the industry-academic technology
developments, and 3 enterprisers of merit including CEO
of Comex Electronics, Mr. YK Lee contributing to the co-
growth of machine industry was all awarded from the
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.
Mr. JH Kim, Vice ministry of the dept., emphasized that
there should be mutually organic collaboration in between
government & enterprise for sustainable growth of the
domestic machine industry.  
 [E-daily Newspaper, Nov. 13th 2013 / released by HS An]
Through the technology agreement with Korea Institute of
Machinery & Materials, Chairman & CEO of GMP, Mr. YP Kim
has progressively made technological improvement for the
quality of designing and manufacturing Induction Heating
Roller which has been supplying overseas markets as
well as domestic ones by coming to commercialization
By this, the award was honorably conferred on him in recognition of his perpetual efforts & unceasing
contributions to developing the industry of machinery through the industry-academic technology
The technology of Induction Heating Roller is that inserted induction coils inside precisely processed
rollers make alternating currents flow to be charged, then a line of magnetic force is generated and
the induced eddy current is circulated on the surface of the roller, by going through the process,
the roller itself becomes heated up in a quick moment. As Induction Heating Roller has the superb
capability of keeping heat efficiency optimally and high-precision temperature control, it’s been getting
utilized for processing advanced cutting-edge materials including optical films.
Especially, by converging the already-accumulated technological competence of manufacturing laminating
equipment and Induction Heating technology, GMP has been supplying the equipment of processing
Highly-flexible reflective film to a prominent domestic manufacturer and GMP’s technology for Induction
Heating Roller keeps being applied to other high-tech industries as well.
Recently, GMP got to success in developing hyper-heating type Electro-Magnetic Induction Heating roller
(400) that domestic industry has mainly depended on importing overseas so far, and supplied it to
a domestic FCCL manufacturer. With this done, the superiority of its functionality & performance has
been verified very positively.
GMP, acquired 69 patents, 55 patents on new devices, and registered 340 designs and trademark rights
in the laminating field all over the world, is a global technology-oriented enterprise.

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