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Grand commencement of GMP international Seminar 2013
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GMP Laminating & Digital Finishing Solution Seminar 2013 is open from Nov. 25th through 29th .
64 customers from 40 overseas companies are participating the seminar presided by Mr.YP Kim,
Chairman & CEO of GMP. On the 1st day of seminar, Mr. Kim proceeded with specific
explanations on unique & remarkable features of GMPs brand new lineup of products
under the subject of Introduction on 2013 GMP New Laminating Systems, R&D strategy
and New Machinesand made a tour of facilities with the visitors.
Especially in this seminar, fully automatic lamination finishing solution system including
Silver-halide replacement automatic system & productivity-enhancement-designed in-line
laminating machinery  etc., based on GMPs originally creative ideas & technological know-how
that continue being accumulated by analyzing & reflecting the diversity of customers
unceasingly changed requirements so far, are being introduced and moreover entering the
fast spotlight of the customers as well as visitors.
Mr.YPKim's giving warm greeting words of appreciation
Introduction of GMP directors 
Participants being introduced
Participants being introduced
              Mr.YP Kim's introducing brand new products for Year 2014 coming up
                  Mr.YP Kim's detailing SURELAM II DUO 540R, newly advanced laminator
                                   Mr.YP Kim's explaining de-curling device 
    Mr.YP Kim's presenting the main details of new laminating system
          Mr.YP Kim's communicating regarding sales & marketing strategy to map out Year 2014
           Mr.YP Kim's explaining GMP's streamlined production line & system for large format Graphic  
           laminators etc.,

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