Date : 16-11-29 10:59
Grand opening of GMP international Seminar 2016, VISION 2017
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GMP Laminating & Digital Finishing Solution Seminar 2016 is open from Nov. 28th through Dec. 2nd .
64 customers from 40 overseas companies are participating the seminar presided by Mr.YP Kim,
Chairman & CEO of GMP. On the 1st day of seminar, Mr. Kim proceeded with specific
explanations on unique & remarkable features of GMPs brand new lineup of products
under the subject of Introduction on 2016 GMP New Laminating Systems, R&D strategy
and New Machinesand share the basis of lamination with demonstrating pouch laminators
after made a tour of facilities with the visitors.
Especially in this seminar, fully automatic lamination finishing solution system including
Silver-halide replacement automatic system & productivity-enhancement-designed in-line
laminating machinery and newly developed films etc., based on GMPs originally creative ideas & technological know-how that continue being accumulated by analyzing & reflecting the diversity of customers unceasingly changed requirements so far, are being introduced and moreover entering
the fast spotlight of the customers as well as visitors.