Date : 19-04-04 16:18
Successfully Finished GMP International Technical Seminar 2019
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GMP International Techical Seminar was held during Mar. 4th~8th, 2019 in GMP Headquarters
and successfully finished.  
This seminar is designed for engineers & technical salesmen of GMP distributors and partners.
During the period, installation, operation, maintenance & troubleshooting of GMP laminators / solutions 
are trained  to the attendees.  
This training course reflects GMP management philosophy of customer satisfaction and this is settled as
a strategic annual event with GMP International Seminar (In last November 2018, GMP International
Laminating & Finishing Technology Solution Seminar was successfully completed.) that is held in
every November.
Mr.YP KIM(CEO & Chairman) is explaining about IDH Heating system
Mr. SG RA(Marketing Division) is explaining about brand new products.