Date : 22-02-23 09:27
2021 International On-Line Seminar
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Oct. 27th~28th , 2021  Place : VTGMP Headquarters

Instead of the face-to-face seminars that have been held at the GMP Korea headquarters every year so far, however, for the inevitable reason of the corona pandemic, a non-face-to-face online webinar was held from October 27 through 28, 2021, this year. The outcome of the webinar was very successful nonetheless.


This seminar was organized & carried out to cover 3 regional sections (like Americas, Asia, Europe) in accordance with the real time zone of each overseas customer in the form of video conference using ZOOM cloud platform, and what was received as a positive evaluation was that the seminar was as effective as a type of face-to-face real-time communication meeting.


VTGMP introduced the brand new laminating equipment including QMASTER, an Automatic BOPP B2 sheet-fed duplex laminator and also film products such as Sanding film and Anti-bacterial film that have been positively & favorably evaluated in the market places. In addition to that, the products received the warmest & most favorable response from the participants.


CEO Mr. Yang-Pioung Kim said, "This seminar is to introduce brand new products proactively through the development of solutions being able to meet the constantly changing requests of various customers and get to understand the market trends going so as to map out more effective & progressive marketing strategy. It is a proactive & new-value-creating event reflecting the VTGMP's management philosophy for customer satisfaction as a top priority.”


On top of that, "VTGMP will continue to hold online webinars by well establishing this new format of seminar that has been attempted this time for continuous & more efficient communication with customers going forward, even after the situation of corona pandemic is all over.