Date : 22-06-28 15:22
Laminating Speed 150m/min. LAMIMASTER IDH-56 PAIR DUPLEX HS 150 Roll to Roll Laminator
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Since its establishment, VTGMP has been researching & developing, presenting various products differentiated from the competitors in the market and has been carrying out the most proactive efforts to set up a more aggressive business milestone as well as to keep being as the brand-new trend-setting leader in the world market places. 

Through years of mutually progressive efforts with Nobelus, Inc. that is a business partner in the United States & Europe, we have signed a contract to supply the roll-to-roll laminating machinery solution which has the world's fastest 150-meter speed with 'D’ company who has been doing a digital imaging service business & also has been being with the history of the US photo market, and have achieved supplying the laminating & cutting manufacturing equipment.

The ‘D’ company has been very aggressively increasing the market share of the American/European photo market by having been using Canon's ProStream 1000 Series and HP Indigo's Roll to Roll Digital Printer.

Despite the corona pandemic situation at the time of the year 2021, the first-delivered 800 million worth of laminating machinery runs at a speed of 100 meters per minute and moreover throughout successful installation plus operation and after-sales service to the customers, the mutual trust-relationship with them has been built up firmly. 

With this again, we have succeeded in winning the orders for the upgrade version with the worth of about 2 billion won (2nd set, 2 sets) in 2022.

With the schedule of installing in the US/Europe in the second half of the year, one engineer at the ‘D’ company visited our production site in person and completed the final inspection over the machinery last week, and it shipped out here on June 25th.

Due to the satisfaction of the ‘D’ company’s engineer and the sales manager of our partner as well as the hot response from the market, we started communicating the 3rd order last week, and with the aim of supply within the end of November of this year, a MOU was signed to win an order with the worth of about 2 billion won for the 3rd 2 sets.

LAMIMASTER IDH-56 machine, as a brand new version, is equipped with UN/RE winders that are connected to Canon printer and HP Indigo printer, which are digital printing equipment, so that inline installation is possible to realize high productivity,  and also in order to realize 150m speed - the fastest speed of the machine as a top-class laminating solution, VTGMP's patented induction (IDH) roller is installed inside the machine.

The induction heating roller is the best technology being able to realize the fastest rise of temperature among the existing roller technologies, and also it is the optimal & ideal technology with the best performance being capable of minimizing overshoot and roller temperature deviation.

VTGMP is the only domestic design/manufacturer (that secured all the patent rights) for IDH Heating Roller (induction heating roller).

This roller technology has been being used in the state-of-the-art parts manufacturing facilities of many companies including LG Chemicals like secondary battery manufacturing facilities, FCCL manufacturing facilities, membrane surface modification facilities, film extrusion facilities etc..

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many customers who have been thirsty for cost reduction due to the cost increase of the raw material have been also continuously making inquiries about the large & high-speed machine with high productivity.    

It is expected positively that LAMIMASTER IDH-56 machine will be of great help in enhancing our sales figures

in the second half of 2022 and also 2023, and we are accelerating our sales and production activities for additional orders.

This LAMIMASTER IDH-56 PAIR DUPLEX HS accomplishing the global-first fastest laminating speed of 150m/min & maximizing the production efficiency of customers will be contributing greatly to cost reduction. As a new epoch-making solution to replace the existing silver-halide photo-printing market, VTGMP's unique & ingenious technology that applies special photo lamination to digital printouts has been obtaining the strong & full reliability as well as keeps VTGMP being positioned as the best partner to supply the optimal products for the customers’ target markets.

In the future, the global photo market will be replaced by digital printing under the leadership of HP Indigo, Canon, OCE, Ricoh, Xerox, and Konica Minolta that are digital printer production specialists. And with this, it is expected that supplying Laminating machines & Laminex films that are all necessary to the digital photo printing market will be expanded infinitely in the global market.

VTGMP will approach customers with products in accordance with the quality management policy of "Customer Satisfaction First" while continuously solidifying partnerships with our global laminating business partners specializing in laminating systems around the world.

Thank you.