Date : 01-04-02 12:00
Successful Completion of CeBIT 2001 for GMP!
 Writer : webmaster
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From : Hanover, Germany

GMP is pleased to announce that this year's CeBIT was the greatest-ever for GMP!

Successful presentation of GraphicMaster-1600HRS, GraphicMaster-2100HRS and GraphicMaster-2100COMBI/RS brought phenomenal interest in those laminators and subsequently a long back-order list. Mass production will start in April in order to cope with such demand.

Also our Jaguar-700, automated single side lamination unit, was certainly a traffic-stopper. It will be installed in several paper/printing company's program and also be presented upcoming local exhibitions in Europe. Mass production is now scheduled for June 2001.

Newly introduced 2m-wide thermal laminating films along with PSA laminating films will certainly give a new direction to the market as well as Light Protect for display system and Floor Mat/Jetvin combination for floor graphics/display market.

Thank you all for the participation at CeBIT 2001 and GMP will meet you again in future with yet more new exciting products!