Date : 01-05-07 12:00
Successful Completion of GMP Eastern EU Lamination Seminar
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From May 1st to 3rd 2001, GMP Eastern European Lamination Seminar was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

With more than 50 participants from 20 countries, mostly from former eastern block of Europe, the topics were concentrated on Large Format graphics market with emphasis on understanding of large format inkjet media and printers, and position of laminating materials that can complement such products of which the market is growing tremendously in last few years.

Each participant was presented with new possibility for lamination in this business and all of them were very excited and eager to explore its opportunity in their respective market place.

This event certainly opened a new door and era in this rather remote market place where exposure to newly introduced products and its applications were somewhat limited.

In future, GMP plans to provide assistance in any other market place that needs support in order to promote the newly introduced products and its applications to this exciting new industry for large format and graphics.