Date : 01-10-13 12:00
Launch of GMP Prographics Europe LTD (Oct. 30, 2001)
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We are pleased to announce that former GMP UK LTD will now be re-named as "GMP Prographics Europe LTD" to serve as a base in Europe for new concept of 'Prographics' created by GMP.

In addition to former activities of GMP UK LTD, the company will now also be active in whole Europe supporting this new concept and products derived from it.

Supporting GMP exhibitions in Europe, as well as introducing and training people on this new Prographics concept and products will also be main forcus for this company by wearing a new face.

Official opening ceremony will be held on 30th of October at Banbury, Oxfordshire in England.

GMP Prographics Europe LTD
Managing Director : Michael McPeak
Unit 3, Network II
Thorpe Way
Banbury, OXON OX16 4XS
United Kingdom

Tel) +44 1295 268 833
Fax) +44 1295 268 835
e-mail) (temporary before change)