Date : 99-09-20 00:00
Introducing New GMP Trimmers(9/20/99)
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GMP Co., Ltd. is now pleased to announce the launch of new trimmer range produced in our own facility.

Following models will surely make perfect complement to GMP laminating and mounting machines:

-OFFICE LAMITRIM-46 (Max. Cutting Thickness:Laminated Material of 500mic, Mouse Pad of 3mm, Paper Board of 1mm)

-PRO LAMITRIM-1100 (Max. Cutting Thickness:Laminated Material of 500mic, Paper Board of 2mm)

-ULTRA LAMITRIM-1250 (Max. Cutting Thickness:Laminated Material of 700mic, Paper Board of 2mm)

1. Speed is adjustable for working on materials with different thickness
2. Cutting size, range, and position can be selected per position
3. Specially designed for laminated material
4. Paper guides can easily be removed for trimming large size material
5. Blade only travels between the distance of paper size selected on
the control panel.

-BOARDTRIM-1800V Max. Cutting Thickness:Foam (Mounting) Board of 30mm


1. Speed is adjustable for working on different materials with different thicknesses.
2. Able to make uni-directional or bi-directional cuts (Modes can be selected so the blade sweeps either upward, downward or both at same time.)
3. Heavy-duty blade that is easy to be replaced.
4. Cutting height is adjustable by digital signal with aid of microprocessor.
5. Magnetic guides are supplied in order to enable users to make cuts with angle.

All above models will be available for mass production at the end of October 1999. Please contact for further information on those new GMP products.