Date : 05-08-24 08:27
PIONEER8000BC Open House (IRAN)
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Dear Mr. Y.P. KIM

On the date of Aug, 16, 2005 (Tuesday) we have unbelievable successful Pioneer 8000BC
Open house that was visited by over than 200 Printing and Press companies (Governmentally and Privet) in biggest Bank Club.

The machine just arrived in Midnight and was unpack @7:30 morning and by Denis and M.R. Kim the machine was ready to run @ 11:30

"Just within 4 hour" and we start to run by speed of 40~50 M and it working fine and no any problem at all and the peoples were surprising and they are taking all of the samples like the pcs of cake and also they are surprising by the quality of lamination (Polynex) that has perfect quality.

Pioneer 8000BC is amazing machine.

Thanks for this innovation and really its new revolution in after printing and press industry and we should write this date in my country printing history.

Warm regards to you and all of your team that they did the best.

Specially thanks to GUY NOY that was help me a lot and also Mr. Ra, Denis, Dieter and Mr. Myoung Ryul, Kim.

President and CEO
GSS International