Date : 99-10-14 00:00
Introducing Micronex Film(10/14/99)
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MICRONEX Film (for Ultra Thin Dry Overlay Lamination)
with 9mic lamination thickness

Experience revolutionary method of lamination with new Micronex laminating film invented by GMP. This new product will join numerous invented and patented line of products from GMP will offer users never-before experienced way of doing lamination for documents and print-outs.

- Micronex Film: With advantage of Dry Over-lay Lamination!
Unlike conventional coating performed with lacquer that requires extensive drying time accompanied by annoying smell, Micronex film provides simple solution to apply coated layer onto printed matters.

- Flexible Lamination Result with No Curling along with UV Protection!
The coated layer with GMP Micronex glue invented through extensive research
offers flexibility of laminated material without curling. The layer also contains Ultra-violet inhibitant adding protection against Ultra-violet rays.

- No Trimming Required after Lamination!
Lamination process using Micronex film only leaves laminated layer on the document or print-out fed into laminator. It is ever so convenient and just like having customized lamination film for any size of material to be laminated!

- Protection from Minimal Thickness
This new Micronex film offers excellent low-cost solution of protection which would be almost unnoticed. Thin, 9mic single layer made of GMP Micronex glue is ideal for protecting documents or print-outs, such as ink jet plots sensitive toward moistures, from stains and impacts

- Versatility for Multi-layer Security Prints
Due to its thickness and tacky nature, hologram effects and special security printing can be applied on the layer and laminated over many times, adding that many security features/printings on the Micronex films laminated over many layers.

- Compatibility with Micronex Desktop Laminator & GMP Hot-roller Type Roll Laminators
Micronex laminator with Micronex film cartridge allow users to obtain lamination result without having to feed laminating film with documents to be laminated. Use of Micronex film with GMP Hot-roller type roll laminator can achieve protection of printed media.

The product will be officially launched at the exhibition site of Paper World 2000 (January) at Frankfurt, Germany!