Date : 09-01-12 14:42
"FOD & Prographics Technical Seminar 2009"
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GMP Co., Ltd. (Chairman & CEO: Mr. YP Kim), which has the biggest world market share and retains the world-best engineering technology in same industry specializing in Laminating & Coating System will open an International Engineering Seminar entitled “GMP FOD & Prographics Technical Seminar 2009” from 19th to 23rd January, 2009 (5 days).
Now in this year, 20 technicians from 15 countries in the world will be participated to have training for existed & new products of machine with GMP R&D Center. Especially, GMP laminating & coating system of our products are focused on FOD (Finishing On Demand for Graphics & Documents) System. This Seminar will be a chance to provide our various technical solution for FOD system.
In the Seminar, GMP and technicians will discuss and study for technical side, operation, maintenances, trouble shooting, etc... for our Prographics & FOD Systems and on the basis of experience for the last seminar, the more in-depth training will be processed.
According to a person on duty of overseas sales division, this seminar is designed to increase the high quality of GMP services and mutual profits. And as the technicians from the worldwide countries, the program of Seminar was very useful to be initiated new technology and build a marketing strategy in their own countries.