CARD CUTTER-350(13") Category:POD Laminators > POD Semi Automatic Roll Laminators
Ultra-higher-productivity-focused auto cutting system with easy & convenient features by ergonomically friendly design & technology.
synchronized cutting system.
Automatic Cutting Finishing System that has easy & convenient operation by ergonomic design technology with ultra high productivity

• High efficiency cutting solution for large volume of substrates such as business name card, photographs and invitation card
• Available In-Line configuration with digital presses & finishing solutions
• Synchronized Cross-cutting & Slitting system makes high productivity of jobs
• Available to cut various substrates up to max. 350gsm
• Exchangeable slitting knife module for size of customized

Automatic Sheet Cutter

As a high-productivity generating innovative cutting solution, CARD Cutter-350 is a multi-purposed cutting device completing business name card, photographs and invitation card.
CARD CUTTER becomes a very efficiently 'sheet-cut solution' in case of being connected to PODMASTER-IDH 54 series for Sheet to Sheet.
In addition, various size of cutting like business card, photo and invitation card can be cut in the solution with exchangeable slitting knife modules of customized


• High productivity card laminating solution
• I-mark can be detected for the exact cut results
• Precise cut is available with ±0.3mm cut tolerance
• User-friendly item of scrap basket for scraps after slitted/cross-cut process
• Various special surfaced finishing products can be cut
• Exchangeable slitting knife modules of difference



 • Photo
 • Business card
 • Invitation card
 • Labels
 • Name card