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PODTOPIC-380RZ | Single side lamination & Sleeking jobs, Folding Feeder & Razor Cutter

POD Semi-Automatic Thermal Laminators

• Perfect lamination for wide range of lamination
    - POLYNEX(BOPP base) film
    - NYLONEX(NYLON base) film
    - PERFEX(PET base) film
• Space-effective compact design for office, copy shop & photo shop
• Automatic paper feeding gap control system and automatic burst cutting system
• Film tension control device and decurling device are equipped
• Capacitive touch screen
• Sleeking solution & MICRONEX lamination with re-winder unit
    - Gloss, Matt, Hologram, Metallic sleeking film
    - MICRONEX(overlay coating) laminating film
• Air compressor included


 • Exchangeable/Commonized PCB
 • Automatic feeding paper gap control
 • Air compressor (with light weight & lower noise) is placed inside the body
 • Strengthened laminating pressure for more stepped-up bonding power effecting perfect quality of output
 • Ergonomic touch screen for enhancing operatorcentric convenient control & quality productivity
 • Cantilever type film shaft for easy film loading



  - Poster, pop sign, menu
  - Book cover & jacket
  - Photo graph & album
  - Name card
  - Gift certificate
  - Label (Micronex Lamination)
  - Greeting Cards / Year book