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Full Automatic Feeder for PROTOPIC II-540 Series
Advanced Full Automatic Feeder for Medium & High Speed Jobs

- Large Volume Lamination is Available (Stacking Height at Feeder : 300mm)
- Double Safety Device on Feeder for Operator
- Various Printed Media (Offset / Digital) can be applied
▶ Available 3,500sheets/hr Lamination of 250mm Length paper at Max.15m/min
▶ Required only 10min. for operation with Easy Set-up system
▶ Full Automatic Feeder for PROTOPIC II-540
▶ Available to use with normal electricity with No Vacuum Pump & No Air Compressor
▶ Available to use in office with Low-Noise operation
▶ No Need Additional Installation for Connection with 1 Signal Line
▶ Wide Weight range of Papers (120~300gsm) can be applied
▶ Space Saving Design (0.86m X 0.9m) for Easy Move & Small Spaces
▶ Easy Initial Set-Up with Inching Function
▶ Overlap Feeding for Automatic Feeding Distance Control on PROTOPIC II-540 Series.