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Congratulations on your purchase of GMP QuickBind150 Thermal Binder developed by GMP to exact standards using renouned technology.
QuickBind150 adds" the finishing touch" to your presentation, allowing you to produce professionally bound documents time after time.
ㆍEnsure all papers to be bound are in the correct order.
ㆍChoose cover with a spine size that corresponds to the number of papers to be bound.
ㆍPlug load into machine and connect to suitable power supply.
ㆍTurn on the power switch located at rear of the machine.
ㆍMake sure yellow power lamp is on when turned on.
ㆍWhen Ready lamp comes on, place documents with thermal book cover into the unit.
ㆍMake sure the spine of the book cover is making full contact with heat plate inside of the unit.
ㆍTake out the thermal binding cover from the unit after about 1 minute and let it cool off for about 
2 minutes. This completes the binding operation.